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The Great Revamp!

Monday, June 28, 2021 - DevLogs - The-Phoenix-Pages

So, after a month and a half of working on this, I am proud to announce V2 of The Phoenix Pages!

What’s new in V2

So, what’s actually changed?

Retired the Web UI

With the recent introduction of the Discord Bot, I’ve decided to retire the Web UI. It was the original form of The Phoenix Pages, and I’ll miss it. I may bring it back at some point, but I just don’t have the time to continuously maintain it. All of its features have migrated to the Discord Bot.

Migrated the database to a cloud-hosted API

The full Phoenix Pages database is now stored on the cloud, which makes adding, editing, and reading the database so much easier.

Introduced Locations

Locations! You can now easily find where in the world a shop is! Along with the standard XYZ coordinates, you can now find the City, District, or Base that the shop is in. Screenshot of the new Locations

As part of the new Locations, you can run p!loc <location> to get more info about the specified Location. Screenshot of p!loc

Submit and Update Commands

p!submit will send you a DM with the all new submission process! Screenshot of p!submit

p!update will send you a DM with the instructions to update your shop’s info. Screenshot of p!update

And that’s it!

That’s all the features for V2. If you’ve got any bug reports or feature suggestions, please DM the bot (@The Phoenix Pages#2209). Happy Shopping!


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